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Mini Bundle (7") Mantra Singing Plush Toys

Baby Krishna Personalization

Mini Devtas Bundle (7") Mantra Singing Plush Toys

Voice Box
Saraswati voice box

The replacement is great, but I thought it would come with a replacement for the Veena as well, and I don’t see a place to order one of those. Both boxes were not working when we received the toy as a gift.

For my baby girl

Absolutely precious! I love the customization options.

Creative and educational!

Loved this book!! As a child of immigrants, I’ve found that it can sometimes be tough to pass on my culture to my little one. This book teaches beautiful stories from Hindu culture to the next generation in such a fun way!

Inspiring book!

Excellent book!! Very well written and, most importantly, inspiring for the little ones. So glad I got this as I can see it’s already motivating my daughter!

What do you mean fulfilled order I don’t have anything yet?!!

Still awaiting delivery

After 10 days, I am still awaiting the delivery of the paid item.

I loved the toys itself but the quality of the audio has so much room for improvement. Please fix the issue!

Bookish Bundle
Ilesha Gupta
Loved all the books for my niece

My cousin reads the books to her very night

Highly Dissappointed

I was so excited to buy this for my son, I have had my eye on it for over 2 years. I was waiting for the perfect moment since I was pregnant. I waited till his first birthday to purchase. I started recording content to film for my mom blog. And turned our it came defective, stopped singing after 2 chants. I tried everytime the support team told me to do, 3-4 times. Now its been one week, No response to my e-mails , no follow-up, no sending me another one after I reached out 3 times and asked for either another one or my money back. I definitely expected more from ModiToys and was so eager for my son to have this.

Baby Ganesh (Medium 11") Mantra Singing Plush Toy

Loved this activity book!

Book was bent

The book was quite bent up when we got it, the box was still intact fully but the book itself was completely bent up. A little disappointed as we ordered this from Canada so was hoping it would be in better condition.

Very innovative idea but lacks quality

The Ganesha Soft toy is nice but the crib mobile is not adequate as it doesn’t hold up properly, it also doesn’t have the correct measurement because of which it rotates in tinted position.

I ordered the product to Canada but I am satisfied with the quality they are providing.

Durga Devi Personalization
Sinthujan Kirupa
Personalized Durga Devi!

I bought this as a gift for my best friend. When this arrived, I fell in love with the doll and the song. Excellent product and the personalized name is cute! I recommend this to everyone looking to gift someone. Great job!! :)

Learn about Ganesh's temper!

After reading this book, I learned something new; that Ganesh had a quick temper, and what he did to resolve it. The images are nice, the wording is easy to understand for young kids. Overall, a great story book kids will enjoy!

Exceptional product loved it!

Hi team, thank you so much for the most beautiful baby hanuman. It's very nicely made and definitely a perfect gift for a friend who is expecting. I live in the US and to be able to find something which keeps one close to our values is amazing. Just one small feedback would be that the mantras are not very clear, so may be a little more improvement there would bring in better voice quality. But overall, an amazing product. Loved your thought of making the kids aware at an early age about Hindu mythology. Thanks again and keep up the great work your team has been putting in.

Love the toys!

Bought a bundle for my newborn grandson and I love how it soothes him!

Cheap product

The product quality is extremely cheap and pathetic. Doesn’t reflect the price at all. Music sounded like an old record tape and child got scared of it.

Very soothing music

Just amazing.

I’m not going to lie, I cried when I read this book to my children. It reminded me of the lessons my nana (grandfather) taught me growing up. It is so beautifully done- from the message it imparts to the artistry- thank you so much for bringing this and all your other books into our (and our kids’) lives.

Book: Shiva's Magic Mantra

Saraswati Devi (Medium 11") Mantra Singing Plush Toy