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Amazing Durga

Loved the soft plush toy and nice meaning

Great customer service

Perfect Gift for New Baby

Purchased the set for a close friend's new daughter. I had them personalized with her name. My friend loved them. Highly recommend!!

Saraswati Devi - Small 6 inch Plush with Mantras


Responded right away to my email and sent me replacement. Good service .. great products

Baby Krishna Collection
Daniel Johnson
Happy nephew

My great nephew is very excited about his new friend. He especially loves when he sings. Thank you for helping him hold on to his heritage .
Daniel Johnson


These plushies designs are very intricate! Love them. However the batteries were corroded and voicebox didn't work

OMNI Bundle

I absolutely love this bundle! The plushies designs are incredible! However the batteries in them were all corroded ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Bringing generations together

Gives my dad and my nephew the perfect thing to bond!!

Lovely but sad

Im following Modi Toys from the very beginning when Ganesha was released and I was very excited to finally receive my own bundle of joy and playfulness. I was especially looking forward to the Devi toys, they are lovely! But I felt disappointed because the mantras in the Devi toys are not recited/pronounced correctly. I feel the mantras should be recited correctly as the toys are a way to learn and teach mantras to our younger ones. Since I was looking forward to the Devi plushes the most this made me feel very sad.

Hi Karishma, I'm disappointed to hear you're unsatisified with our Durga Devi. We had referenced various sources prior to having the mantras professionally recorded. We are working hard to ensure future iterations and plush toys will exceed your expectations. In the meantime, I encourage you to preview all of the mantras prior to purchasing them by listening to them here:

Baby Ganesh Plush (Small - 6")

Bookish Bundle
Neel Iyer

Poor quality

Durga Devi - Small 6 inch Plush with Mantras

Very poor customer service

Was very excited to gift them to my daughter. Received 4 small plushies with no name. On pointing out this error to the Avani (co-founder), was told to email their team. Did not receive any acknowledgment from the team, so notified Avani again. She has not replied since, neither has the team.

Hi Parinita, I'm so sorry to hear about your frustrating experience in contacting us. Upon further reviewing your order, I see that you ordered the 'the Diwali Bundle' which included our small sized 6' toys. You had requested these toys to be personalied, but we only offer personalization on the medium sized toys, given the space constraints. Due to a techical glitch on our site, the site temporarily allowed you to enter a name for personalization. We apologize for the confusion but please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Super cute

This was our second purchase from Modi Toys for our kids. The baby Ganesh and Hanuman are super cute. My kids really love them! Great quality products.

Perfect for doctors visits

I bought this one specifically after a family member had to have surgery due to complications with her pregnancy. I told her she had to take Him to every appointment thereafter. And she did and she just recently welcomed a healthy baby, and not to mention educated all the doctors and nurses on who Ganesh was.

Modi Toys, its just not a gift itโ€™s actually means a lot more to teach our kids about our beautiful culture through the modi books & godโ€™s.

my grand daughter is 4 months old & already fall in love.

Love it!!

The perfect gift for my nephews birth!!

Saraswati Devi - Small 6 inch Plush with Mantras

Unhappy with the bhajans in the toys. Itโ€™s not encouraging for a baby but rather loud and scary

The bhajans are not calm for the baby.

Hi Kershnee, I'm so sorry to hear the mantras weren't calming for your baby. Every child is different so I completely understand. Should you choose to make another purchase in the future, I encourage you to preview all of the mantras in their entirerty on our page at This way you can hear them and make a more informed purchasing decision.

Bookish Bundle
Seema Bhatt

We really loved the books and toys. Wonderful way for a child to relate and understand his/her culture.

Bookish Bundle

Loved the books! But the books were not sealed as they usually are and with shipping the edges were damaged!

Baby Hanuman Plush (Medium - 10")