We help people of all ages stay connected to their Indian roots through our modern toys and books, which are inspired by ancient Hindu culture.

Our Story


Even our logo is steeped deep in meaning.

The parentheses denote the need for inclusion. It means we’re inserting ourselves into toy bins and book shelves as early influencers in your children’s development. The 'namaste' symbol signifies the respect we teach our kids towards our elders, culture and faith.​

the process of modi toys making toys, from design, prototype, materials, manufacturing, audio, safety, transport, labor, duties
modi toys co founders avani sarkar and viral standing next to each other

Our Mission

Our Inspiration

child looking at baby krishna plush toy
collage of pictures of children and plush toys

Our Ever-Growing Family

We were inspired to start because of just two little girls -- our "Chief Inspiration Officers" -- but humbled to see our family grow day by day, thanks to each one you.