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Connecting Generations

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What Makes Modi Toys Special?


Each one of our plush toys play mantras respective to the deity, sung by child artists based in India, for an authentic, child-friendly feel. Each toy comes with removable batteries to make it easily washable.


To help bring our plush toys even more to life, pair them with our children's illustrated board books and our animated stories on YouTube! Much like the toys, these books are inspired by Hindu theology.


Kids love nothing more than claiming possession over their beloved items. We now make it easier than ever by allowing you to personalize our select toys with their names in any language.


With the purchase of each of our plush toys, you are saving up to 15 plastic bottles from toxic environmental waste, because our stuffing is made in India with eco-friendly materials.

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A Win-Win

Thank you for making such an amazing "friend" for my two year old son. He absolutely loves Baby Ganesh. We use him as a teaching tool -- we respect Baby Ganesh and do "namaskar" (bow down) to him. We don't throw or drop him. And most of all, we show a lot of love to our Baby Ganesh. Plus it helps that Ajja (grandpa) and Domma (grandma) love hearing him try to recite  the Ganesh mantra. It's a win-win for our family!


For All Ages

Thank you so much for bringing your full energy, passion and creativity to Modi Toys so our homes are filled with these beautiful symbols! We have purhcased and gifted every single one of your stuffed toys -- they bring such joy to everyone in our house -- from age 3 to 93. Thank you!


Best Toy Ever

Best toy ever! So happy I was able to snag 2 of them for my son and niece. Saavan is now singing "Vakratunda"... my parents are here visiting and are shocked. And your book is awesome! Truth be told, I forgot many of the stories from my childhood so when my hubby and I read your book, we both feel like we are learning as well.



The mantra that Baby Ganesh sings has become my version of "twinkle twinkle". I sing it multiple times a day to both kids, especially to soothe them when they are sad/upset. It's crazy and magical how your toy has had such a great influence in our lives. Sohana knows all the words and I am sure Ariyan will too one day. And I am sure they will remember the mantra and maybe even pass it on to their children.

Priya G.

For Every Generation

My grandma is a HUGE believer in Ganpati, so when presenting my wedding invite to my grandparent, my parents and I also gifted them singing Baby Ganesh. It seemed so appropriate and fit for the occasion (blessings all around). I can't begin to explain the happiness they felt. When my mom handed Baby Ganesh with my wedding invite, they were speechless (shocked)! My grandma called me after and was soooo incredibly happy that there's hope for future generations to know and understand our culture. So thank you for all that you're doing, and know that Baby Ganesh brings joy to every generation!

Anisha B.

Mixed Family

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful gift for me to share with my 6 month old Akash! We are a mixed Christian-Hindu family but having grown up in such a warm community, I wanted to share those values with my son. In a world of comic book superheros, it is truly amazng to see our dear Ganapati bappa among my sweet son's toys and it's an easy way for this busy doctor mommy to teach him about his culture. He smiled and cooed at him the minute he saw him! Thank you truly for making such an amazing product! After posting in for a few minutes on my Instagram story, I have already been barraged by friends (both with and without kids) asking where they can get one too!

Priya B.

We Can't Thank You Enough

Our first purchase was for my son who spent 127 days in NICU. He was accompanied by Ganesha and Hanuman through out his stay. It was comforting or rather assuring for me and my wife to walk out of his pod each night when the visiting hour was over knowing Ganesha and Hanuman is looking after him in our absence. We can’t thank you enough. To some it may just be a toy but for our family they are ray of hope during dark times.


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Each one of our plush toys play mantras.
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