Why do we ring bells at temples?

Why do we ring bells at temples?

Bells used for Hindu rituals have a special name ascribed to them:


You can generally find these ghanta at the entrance of temples and even just outside of the Garbhagriha, or the center of the temple.

Many Hindus also use bells during rituals at home, which are in the form of a handheld bell.

It is said that when you ring the bell, you are alerting the deities to your presence.

This helps bring God into your life at the beginning of your worship so that all evil and negativity in your life is dispelled.

Hinduism is not the only religion to use bells, as bells themselves date to around 3500 BCE in China.

Buddhism Marks the beginning of prayer and to clear the surround space

Christianity Signifies the time of prayer so that worshippers may gather.

There are even specific mantras linked to ringing the bell, such as the one below:

Aagamaardhamtu devaanaam gamanaardhamtu rakshasaam, Kuru ghantaaravam krutva devataahvaana lanchanam

“I ring this bell indicating the invocation of divinity, so that virtuous and noble forces enter; and the demonic and evil forces, from within and without, depart.”