The 9 Avatars of Durga Devi (aka Navadurga)

The 9 Avatars of Durga Devi (aka Navadurga)

Each of these is a form Durga took in her battle with Mahishasura and represents the nine days of Navratri.

Shailaputri | "Daughter of a mountain"

My name means born out of the peak.
I represent the highest level of consciousness and energy.
Offer me pure ghee for a blessed life, free of diseases and illness.

Brahmacharini | “Mother of Devotion & Penance”

I represent newness and movement in infinity.
I embody self-discipline to help you achieve whatever you set your mind to.
I help you reach nirvana.
Offer me sugar for the longevity of your loved ones.

Chandraghanta | “Destroyer of Demons”

I am the embodiment of beauty and charm.
I've got 3 words for my enemies: "Bring it on."
I help eliminate your negative feelings, fight injustice, misery, and suffering in the world.
Offer me kheer (rice pudding).

Kushmanda | “Goddess of The Cosmic Egg”

I symbolize happiness and known as the Smiling Goddess.
I created the universe so I'm also called Jagat Janani.
My smile produced a “little cosmic egg,” which is the source of all energy in the universe.
Offer me malpua to improve your decision-making ability.

Skandamata | “Goddess of Motherhood and Children”

I represent the strength of a mother's love.
I symbolize peace, purity, and prayer in your hearts.
I help you reach nirvana.
I carry Kartikay on my lap.

Katyayani | “Goddess of Power”

I am a warrior and the strongest of them all.
I can see beyond the senses and into the future.
I rise against negativity and restore Dharma.
Offer me honey as prasad.

Kalaratri | “Goddess of Courage”



Although my powerful energy is very destructive, I bring you a sense of peace from your troubles.
My third eye on my forehead contains the entire universe.
Offer me jaggery for relief from pains and obstacles.

Mahagauri “Goddess of Beauty and Women”

If looks could kill, then I would be the most dangerous of them all.
I represent purity, calmness, wisdom and austerity.
Offer me coconuts.

Siddhidhatri “Goddess of Supernatural Powers”

I bring fulfillment and miracles to your life.
I bless you with extraordinary capabilities for you to achieve perfection.
I can heal you.
Offer me sesame seeds for safety and security from unnatural events.