(Other) Famous Siblings in Hinduism

(Other) Famous Siblings in Hinduism

We've all heard of Ram and Lakshman and the Pandava brothers. But here are some other lesser known siblings from Hindu theology, in celebration of Raksha Bandhan.

Yamuna & Yamraj

The story of Yamuna and Yamaraj is one of the alleged origins of Raksha Bandhan. Yama, the God of Death, is treated to great snacks and has a sacred band tied to him by sister Yamuna. Yama was so touched by the loving gesture that he declared any brother getting a rakhi tied will lead a long life.

Vishnu & Parvati

While not biologically related, Lord Vishnu and Parvati are still considered siblings by Hindus. Parvati is a reincarnation of Lord Shiv’s previous wife, Sati. In the hopes of remarrying Shiv, she sought Vishnu’s help to become the best partner for Lord Shiv to marry.

Ravana & Shurpanakha

The key antagonists in the Ramayana, this duo was driven by familial love. Shurpanakha had her nose cut off by Lakshmana and Ravan promised to avenge her humiliation. This led to Ravan’s kidnapping of Sita, leading to the war between Ravana and Lord Ram.

Kansa & Devaki

Kansa and Devaki are a brother-sister pair famous for the wrong reasons, that being the brother’s cruelty. A fortune foretold that Devaki’s 8th son would kill Kansa. So, in his fear, Kansa imprisoned his own sister. The 8th child, Krishna, was born and eventually carried through the prophecy.

Santoshi & Shubh-Labh

Shubh and Labh are sons of Lord Ganesh. During one celebration of Raksha Bandhan, they witnessed Lord Ganesh receiving a rakhi from his sister. After seeing this, they wanted the love of a sister as well and Lord Ganesh created Goddess Santoshi from flames as their sister.

Hanuman's Brothers

The Brahmana Purana contains a description of Lord Hanuman's father, Vanar Raj Kesari's dynasty. He had 6 sons -- the eldest being Hanuman. His brothers were named Matiman, Shrutiman, Ketuman, Gatiman and Dhritiman.

Krishna & Draupadi

The most conventional story associated with Raksha Bandhan, these siblings are famous for allegedly beginning Raksha Bandhan when Krishna’s finger started bleeding. When this happened, Draupadi ripped off part of her sari and wrapped it around him to stop the bleeding.