Mother Earth Across Cultures

Mother Earth Across Cultures

Since we rely on the earth to provide us with food, water, and other resources fir survival, the Goddess of Earth is seen across various religions and cultures. 

Bhumi Devi- Goddess of Earth | India

  • I protect earth and its creatures,  provide sustenance and nourishment to all living things.
  • I represent the earth as a living and breathing entity. I personify nature.

Goddess Isis- Goddess of Nature and Fertility | Egypt

  • I am associated with the earth, agriculture, and childbirth.
  • I heal the sick and bring back the dead.
  • My headdress in the shape of cow horns symbolizes the fertile earth. I sometimes hold a sheaf of wheat too. 

Goddess Nuwa- Goddess of Creation and Water | China

  • I created the world using a giant turtle's back as a foundation and melted five colored stones to form the mountains.
  • My snake tail is a symbol of fertility and regeneration.
  • I am associated with protection of humanity, and the element of water.

Goddess Gaia-  Mother of All | Greece

  • I am often depicted as a pregnant woman who gives birth to the universe.
  • I have created all of the earth's natural phenomena, including the mountains, the sea, the sky, and all living creatures.

Goddess Asase Ya- Goddess of Abundance and Agriculture | Ghana

  • I am associated with agriculture, harvest, and the growth of plants.
  • I am the wife of Nyame, the sky god, and together we represent the complementary forces of the earth and sky.

Goddess Danu- Goddess of Fertility and Prosperity | Ireland

  • I gave birth to the rivers and streams of Ireland.
  • I am associated with fertility of the soil, growth of crops and the success of harvests.
  • I am associated with prosperity, because it is closely tied to the health and productivity of the earth.

Goddess Coatlicue- Goddess of Life and Death | Aztec 

  • I am a fierce and powerful goddess, capable of both creation and destruction.
  • I wear a skirt made of snakes and a necklace of human hearts to depict my dual nature.