Diwali PowerPoint Presentation for Schools

Diwali PowerPoint Presentation for Schools

I imagine there might come a point in time when my kids no longer want me holding their hands when I drop them off to school. Or when I can no longer get by wearing mismatched sweats when I pick them up from school. But I hope that they always find our culture to be "cool." And if they ever stop asking questions like, "What's rangoli?" or "Why do we light so many candles for Diwali?"... it's only because they already know the answers. 

I created this PowerPoint presentation with two things in mind:

1) Answer the question, "Why is Diwali called the festival of lights?"

2) To spark curiosity and get children asking even more questions!

The story you'll find within this deck is geared towards kids ages 4 and up so it was intentionally kept short and simple. But because this is the first time I'm sharing it publicly, I would welcome your thoughts and feedback! Present it to your children's classrooms and tell me what you hear. What sort of questions did they ask? Did they find the story to be interesting or boring? 

I want to hear the good, bad and the ugly! Because as Diwali teaches us, without darkness, there is no light. 

Happy Diwali -- and happy storytelling :-)


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  • Ramchurn

    Very good! I appreciate the work that you and your team are doing, too many youngsters has forgotten their culture and traditions.

    Continue the good work!
    And all the best from Mauritius🇲🇺

  • Sanjukta

    Thanks so much Avani for making this presentation! It’s a great, simplified way of explaining the celebration of good over evil and the significance of lights during Diwali. My kids loved it and can’t wait to share the story with their friends at school.

  • Jina

    This is done so beautifully…. Love it. Thank you for sharing

  • Harsh
    loved the PPT, it’s so easy and simple and you covered it well. My son enjoyed it.

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