Modi Joy:

Sparking Joy by Giving Back

Children are at the heart of everything we do.


In 2019, we started an initiative called Modi Joy as a means of raising donations for children's charities globally, through a variety of workshops and events designed to spark joy and curiosity. The events helped raise over $3,000 for children's charities including Save the Children, Never Ever Give Up and Just Like My Child Foundation. However, in light of Covid19 and gathering restrictions, we were forced to reimagine the structure of these in-person events.  

What was once an opportunity for likeminded people to gather for a noble cause while learning a new skill, had left us restricted to Zoom. When we looked at what made Modi Joy events special -- giving participants an opportunity to learn or refine a skill from an expert -- that led us to our pandemic pivot...


Introducing Modi Mentorship: a bi-monthly (evey two months) virtual meeting for budding entrepreneurs interested in starting or scaling their small business, hosted by the co-founder of Modi Toys, Avani Modi Sarkar. For each event, we will select a children's charity to support along with a suggested nominal donation. To register, participants simply need to email us a copy of their donation receipt to receive an invitation to the upcoming event. 

Since each event addresses questions submitted by participants, no two events are truly alike. While the majority of events will be hosted by Avani, we will aim to invite guest speakers to allow participants to learn from a wide range of entrepreuners.  


Sunday, July 18, 2021

2:00pm - 3:00pm EST


Virtual Meeting


Each meeting is limited to 10 people to allow for a meaningful conversation


Please make a $15 donation to Pratham USA and email a copy of your receipt to us

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