Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do all of your toys sing mantras?
    Yes, all of our toys, including both small and medium sized, come equipped with a voicebox, pre-recorded with the mantras respective to the deity.


  2. I just received my toy but I can't get it to sing. 
    Our toys come with activation strip, designed to help extend the battery lifetime. When you receive the toy, open the velcro in the backside, and look for a small plastic strip tucked inside the plastic voicebox. Gently pull it out to remove it. This will activate the batteries, thus turning on the voicebox. 

  3. Can I record my own voice on the toys?
    No, the toys are pre-recorded with mantras that cannot be overwritten. Tempering with the voicebox may result in the product malfunctioning. 


  4. How can I clean the toys?
    First, remove the entire voicebox from the toy. Next, place the toy inside a mesh laundry bag, or a pillowcase and enclose it properly. Wash the toy on a gentle/delicate cycle, using minimal baby detergent. Keep the toy inside the laundry bag as you dry it on
    gentle in the drying machine.

  5. Can  I get the toys to play mantra continuously on repeat?
    Each time you squeeze the toy's belly, it will play only one mantra. The toy will play a new mantra each time you squeeze the belly, until it ends the loop. 

  6. Where are your products made?
    Our products are designed in the USA and manufactured in China currently.  We have initiated a diversification process to begin migrating our production to India as much and as soon as possible.

  7. How can I change the batteries?
    Open the velcro in the backside of the toy. Remove the plastic voicebox and unscrew it. Remove the batteries and replace them with AG13 or LR44. Screw the batteries back in the voicebox and secure it inside the toy again, and close the velcro.


  1. Why is shipping not available internationally to all countries?
    Shipping services are unreliable between certain countries, unfortunately, resulting in expensive shipping charges, lost or damaged packages. We hope to be able to serve customers globally once we can ensure that shipping our items to select countries is reliable and cost-effective for the consumer.


  2. Do I have to pay customs if I'm ordering from outside of USA?
    Please refer to our shipping policy page for all info regarding customs.

  3. My country is not currently listed on your shipping page, how can I order your products?
    If your country is not listed, please email us at with your mailing address and we will get back to you with a quote or additional information on authorized resellers for your country.

  4. Do you have a storefront? Can I pick up my order?
    Although we do not have a storefront, our products are available at these locations. If you are based in New Jersey, you can contact us at to arrange to pick up your order from our office.

  5. Why don't you offer free shipping for international customers?
    We are actively working with local distributors to make shipping more affordable for orders outside the USA. In the meantime, since we're shipping all orders from the USA, international orders are charged at a higher rate by courier services. However, using a reliable courier service provider enables us to accurately track our shipments and offer timely delivery. Please note that ALL of our rates are per order and not per item - to reduce your shipping cost per item, we encourage all customers to place orders with friends & family!

  6. Are your products available on Amazon?
    Yes, but only a limited set of our products are available on Amazon currently (click here). Note, personalization is only available through our website.  

  1. How can I see estimated prices in my currency?
    At the top right corner of our site, you can choose your currency from the drop down menu. If your currency is not listed, please email us at

  2. Why does currency switch to USD at checkout?
    While we use the currency converter tool on our website to allow customers to shop in their local currency, this should only be used as an estimate. All transactions are processed in USD at current exchange rate at checkout.


  1. I'm interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador for Modi Toys. Do you have an Affiliate program or anything similar?
    We currently do not have a paid affiliate model, but we often provide our products in-kind, along with a discount code, in exchange for high-quality photos. While we're always seeking to work with new ambassadors, we are unable to accept all inquiries. To see if we might be a good mutual fit, please email with the following details: 
    - Full name
    - Social media links 
    - Conversion metrics (if available)
    - Brief relevant background (i.e.: do you have kids, do you take your own photographs, etc.)