Laundry Bag | Modi Toys
Laundry Bag | Modi Toys
Laundry Bag | Modi Toys
Laundry Bag | Modi Toys

Laundry Bag

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One of the questions we've received frequently is, "How can I wash my plush?"

⁣Introducing our very own mesh laundry bags! It's perfectly sized to fit one (1) medium sized plush or up to four (4) small sized plushes. High quality micro-mesh with extra strong net is made suitable for delicate items such as our plush toys.

Our strong wash bags are made from stain, stretch and tear resistant material -- 100% breathable polyester fiber for a thorough cleaning and rinse.

Our premium anti-rust zipper with auto lock and smart zipper protection will prevent the bag from opening during washing and drying cycle. Also functions well as a packing cube for traveling. 

15 inches x 11 inches. White color⁣

  1. *IMPORTANT* Open the velcro to remove the voicebox from the plush.
  2. Place the Modi Toys plush inside the mesh laundry bag and zip it close. Note: our zipper comes with a smart flap to prevent the laundry bag from opening or getting jammed while in the washer.⁣
  3. Place the bag inside your washer by itself or with other similar delicate item. We recommend detergents that are free and clear of perfumes and dyes, but any gentle detergent used for your children's or delicate items should suffice.⁣
  4. Settings will vary depending on your Washer, but we recommend the "delicate cycle, cold water and heavy soil"⁣
  5. Once washed, remove it from the bag to ensure it's been thoroughly cleaned, and place it back inside the bag and zip it to secure it.⁣
  6. Settings will vary depending on your Dryer, but we recommend using the "delicate cycle" again. This step is optional if you prefer to let it air dry.⁣
  7. Please watch the video for a demo.