Why Do We Blow The Conch Shell?

Why Do We Blow The Conch Shell?

Do you know the significance of conch shells in Hinduism! Let's go through it together!

Once upon a time...

A demon named Sankhasura, who was in battle with the Devas, stole the Vedas (Hindu scriptures) and ran to the ocean. The devas appealed to Lord Vishnu for help.

Vishnu then incarnated himself as a fish (Matsya) and killed the demon Sankhasura. Lord Vishnu then picked up the skull of the defeated demon (which had the structure of a conch shell) and blew into it to mark victory.

The fundamental sound “Om” emanated and the Vedas were returned. From then on, Vishnu was always seen holding a conch shell.

The conch shell is associated with:

  • Signaling Victory
  • Start or End of a Ritual
  • Goddess Laxmi
  • Lord Vishnu

The conch shell is known to collect positive vibes and dispel any negative energy from a space. It also symbolized safety, as villages once used them to communicate messages with an entire town.

Physical benefits to the conch:

Improves lung circulation Helps with heart blockages When you blow the conch, it is said the bacteria in the area is dispersed away from the body

The conch shell features the Fibonacci sequence, the so-called golden ratio that is found in many forms of nature. Ancient sages and Buddhists said the spiral pattern is the shape of creation.