The Story of Hanuman and Ram's Ring

The Story of Hanuman and Ram's Ring

This is the story behind Hanuman's Search for Rama's Ring.

It had been 11,000 years since Ravana and other demons had been slayed. Rama had restored peace in the kingdom, when he received a surprise visitor...

A messenger came to tell Rama that his time had come to leave earth and return to Vaikuntha, the abode for Vishnu (whose avatar he was born under).

Ironically, while most feared Yama, God of Death, he himself was the one who feared Hanuman. He didn't dare attempt to enter the gates of Rama's palace, being well aware they were guarded by Hanuman.


Hanuman shrunk in size and went underground. There he was met with Vasuki, the king of snakes, who offered to lead Hanuman to the ring's location.

When he arrived at the "lost and found" location, Hanuman was shocked to see not just one ring... but an entire mountain full of idential rings.

He was confused.

Vasuki explains that there have been hundreds of thousands of cycles of Rama and Hanuman's life. During each cycle, Rama throws down a ring for Hanuman to find and, each time, Rama leaves earth. Hanuman realizes this was all a ploy and awaits the next cycle to serve Rama.