The Story Behind Akshaya Tritiya

The Story Behind Akshaya Tritiya

Why is Akshaya Tritiya your lucky day?

Once upon a time, there were two besties, Lord Krishna and Sudama. One grew up to become the King of Dwarka while the other remained a poor Brahmin in the village the two had grown up.

Although Sudama always lived a very humble life, one day things got so bad that he didn't even have enough food to feed his children. His wife suggested Sudama visit Krishna to ask for some help.

Sudama was hesitant though. How could he ask his long-lost friend -- who's now a King, no less -- for help? His wife insisted though, for the sake of their children.

Since it's customary in Indian culture to never visit someone for the first time without a small gift, his wife packed a rice treat for Sudama to bring along.

Krishna was thrilled to be reunited with his childhood friend. But Sudama still couldn't shake off the reservations he had about asking him for help.

In fact, when Krishan coyly asked Sudama what gift he brought for him, Sudama was too embarrassed to even give it to him. Krishna, on the other hand, devoured the "rice krispy treats" to his heart's content.

An entire day went by and Sudama still couldn't muster up the courage to ask him for some help. When it was time to go home, he wondered how he would break the news to his wife that he was returning empty-handed.

Luckily, he didn't have to.

Upon returning to his village, Sudama couldn't even find his hut beccause Krishna had magically transformed it into a mansion, and filled it with abundance!

Since Sudama was an ardent Krishna devotee his entire life and had dedicated himself to teaching the values of dharma to others, this was Krishna's way of blessing him.

Ever since, Akshaya Tritiya has been associated with material gains and wealth acquisition. Just as Sudama was blessed with more wealth that he intended to ask for, it is believed that whatever you begin on this day, will multiply in abundance.