Shiva & Parvati | A Crazy Love Story

Shiva & Parvati | A Crazy Love Story

Listen Sati, I really don't think it's a good idea for you to go to the yagna if your Dad didn't invite you to it.

Oh c'mon Shiv! He obviously meant to. I'm his favorite daughter. It probably just slipped his mind.

No, I think it was intentional. He never wanted us to get married in the first place. And on top of that, he got really mad at me the last time he saw me.

You mean at the yagna at my grandfather's house? What happened?

You don't remember? I didn't stand up to greet your Father when he arrived at the yagna.

Oh... right... and neither did I since I was just taking your lead. Well, I'm going to go to the yagna anyway.

As you wish, but I'm not coming this time.

No worries, I'm sure my Dad wouldn't want me to miss out and will be so happy to see me!

Sati, what are you doing at my yagna?!  I never invited you! Omg Dad, how can you say that?? Shiva was right. I shouldn't have come here. You and your husband might as well be dead to me. FINE! If that's how you really feel about me...

Not only was Sati furious and insulted, but felt guilty for not believing her husband. So as penance, she threw herself in a fire and killed herself.

When Shiva heard the news, he renounced his duties and went into a deep meditation. As you can imagine, when one of the three primary Gods doesn't do his part, the world soon falls out of balance.

So, to save the world, Sati was reborn as Goddess Parvati.
Her plan was simple:

Wake up Shiva from his trance
Win Shiva's heart and marry him
Fill the void in his heart from Sati's death

...But Parvati couldn't even manage to get Shiva's attention despite her many, umm feminine ways😉

Parvati then turned to Kamadeva, the "God of Love" -- or cupid, if you will. Kamadeva knew better than to mess with Shiva, but in order to re-instill balance in the world, Shiva needed to "snap out of it." So, Kamadeva shot his cupid-arrow straight into Shiva's heart.

The good news is that the arrow worked in getting Shiva to agree to marry Parvati.

The bad news is that Shiva was helluva pissed and burnt Kamadeva to ashes.

But now, Kamadeva's wife, Rati, was (naturally) very upset! After she told Shiva the whole story, she asked him to revive Kamadeva, to which Shiva happily obliged.

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