How was Goddess Laxmi born?

How was Goddess Laxmi born?

Once upon a time,

Indra, the King of Gods, really angered a sage by disrespecting the garland he had gifted to Indra. The sage put a curse on Indra that he and the other gods would lose all their powers, strength, energy and fortune.

In the battle that soon followed, Indra and the other gods began losing against the demons, as they took control of the universe.

So Indra went to Lord Vishnu for help, who advised him to forge allies with the demons, because he was going to need all the manpower possible for what he was about to recommend next...

(1) Churn the ocean for the nectar of immortality.
(2) Consume the nectar to regain their power.

The plan was in place:

A huge mountain was used as the pole, and a gigantic snake was used as the rope. With the gods on one side, and the demons on the other, they began to churn baby churn.

snake wrapping around mountain with many people
But instead of the nectar, they saw a pot of blue poison emerge from the ocean. The poison was so toxic that it could essentially wipe out the universe.

So they all began praying to Shiva -- the God of destruction, creation and preservation -- who came to their rescue by carefully holding the poison in his throat.
Now, with the poison out of the way, the gods and demons resumed their churning.

They were able to retrieve a total of 14 treasures, including the nectar.

Any guesses who one of them was?
Laxmi Devi