5 Ways to Incorporate Your Culture Into Distance Learning

5 Ways to Incorporate Your Culture Into Distance Learning

We know it’s important for parents with little ones to maintain some semblance of normalcy during these uncertain and unprecedented times. As you know, we founded Modi Toys to help preserve our Indian culture and pass down the teachings from our parents down to our kids. With the spread of the coronavirus, it's this very generation -- of our parents and grandparents -- that is at the greatest risk. Let's ensure we're all doing our part in keeping our local community safe so that we can all emerge from this calamity stronger and wiser, together. While we realize that shopping for children's toys may not be your priority right now, you may be seeking ways to incorporate your culture as you home school over the coming weeks or months. Here are top five ways to consider:

  1. Do screen time, without the guilt Watch Mighty Little Bheem on Netflix, and Mira the Royal Detective on Disney Plus

  2. Have a dance party Follow step-by-step tutorials to popular Bollywood songs on Rhythm Maya Dance's YouTube channel 

  3. Go back to your roots With online classes offered by Sanskar Teachings and interactive learning pads from Lingo Dodo, learning your mother tongue is now within reach

  4. Diversify your playroom and playtime With cultural puzzles from Little Ladoo, Indigrow, Heritage Supply Co., and others, you can teach little ones about Hindu deities and the Indian alphabet, one piece at a time

  5. Make bedtime more... colorful And by that, we mean brown. With a wide selection of children's books from Kulture Khazana and Mango and Marigold, there are plenty of reasons to give Dr. Seuss the night off

Stay curious friends!